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Bro, a question, how do I animate the water? I can't find the files or I don't know?


Depends on what engine you're using. But in the spritesheet file the tiles marked 'water' are actually 5 frames

Thank you bro!

Hey, thanks so much for this ! I used your tileset (and also your other tileset deep cave) in my new game and I'm pretty proud of it

Thanks for that, I used this asset in my iwanna be game:I Wanna Be Lover - Apps on Google Play. I have add Quintino Pixels to the credit list. If there is any problem, please let me know. Thanks

Thats awesome, man! Thanks for the credits, and I'll be sure to check the game out!

Me and my university colleagues made a game for our team project using your assets. Thank you very much.

Hi Can I use this tile set for my mobile game project?

PS: Sorry if my English is bad it's not my language xd

Sure! hahah
And no worries, its not mine as well

I love it!

Is it a 16 color palette?

I'd have to double check (its been a while) but I believe it is! 


Nice! Do your other assets use the same palette?


Hello. Can I use this tile set as my game project?


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By that “[CC 1.0]” in the title, did you mean “CC0 1.0”? (i.e. CC Zero v1.0)

“CC” just means “Creative Commons” and they have a bunch of different licenses. (I guessed CC0 because that’s the only one I can think of which is still at version 1.0.)

If so, would you mind setting the “Asset license” field in the More Information box to make that clear?

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May I use this for (paid) work use? me and my friend are makeing a game and this tile set would be perfect


Sure, go ahead :) 


gonna use this for a game mod



Hello, thanks for this beautiful tileset. I made a game with it for the Weekly Game Jam 150 ^^


thats great to hear! Would love to see more of your game!


can I use this for commerical use?

Yeah, feel free to use it


Bro can we use it on our game?

Of course!




Man you are so Talent! thank you for sharing this

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This is beautiful!

Thank you, so much!