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thank you so much you are so talented

Thank you!

So good.


So Good !!!! 

I used the whole pack in my game Valhundra:

You should definitly continue on this pack, your icons are perfect ! 

I love it! Used in my game:

Great work, thanks for sharing all this amazing stuff! 

Thanks, man!


This icon pack is awesome! I'm using it for spells in my print-n-play card game:


Thats absolutely amazing! Looking forward to play it

Thank you so much! :D

Look good. I've been looking for something that looks more 'modern' without going into Scifi. This looks like it'll suit my needs quite well with some editing(mainly colors and some fusion between the parts). 


Nice art


Superb you funky little artist! Talking with my dev partner about maybe swapping our icons over to these!


Oh man! Im so honored thank you! 


These are awesome!

Thank you so much!