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I am using your monsters in my game demo. Take a look if you are intereseted ;)

Let me know if you can do some freelancing.

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So cool! Dude, I've been looking for a monster artist for a while, and you're amazing! I would like to know if you are a Freelancer. If so, please contact us on Twitter:

mas como esto porfavor

Great animation and interesting characters!


Great animations and cool enemies!

You should make more characters :O)

Hello! Thanks for asset that is amazing! ! 

I saw it for two dollars and now it's three. I'm sad to see expected :(

I usually increase the price after a couple of days o release. But made it U$2 again :D 


Don't  short change yourself... your time is valuable. Price it for what you think it is worth.

Thanks I already bought it. I hope you can continue sharing more similar sets


Great pixel art! Purchased! :)

Thank you so much!


Very cool!



Thanks a lot, Jameos! 


Spitter plant is crazy. Definitly using it with some modifications.

Nice! Let me know how it turns out


Two dollars bro? Insta-buy :)

hahahah thanks :D